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Wow! Really? Would you like to know about little old’ us? We are flattered, truly.
Well, we could go on forever about us and just about break the internet but we’ll condense it down and try not to bore you.

The most exciting and relevant piece of information for you is that due to the excessive amount of phones we have been fixing we have now partnered with the team at Device Expert in West Perth. They are just as passionate as us about fixing phones and laptops and they meet all of our criteria to ensure you will still receive the best service possible.

Local: Yep that’s right we are located right here in Perth. We’re a phone repair service for W.A so we don’t get you to send your mobile away to be repaired by the fellas over east, it is done in your local area.
We’ve grown up here, you want to talk about the traffic? We feel your pain.
Want to talk about the last footy game in Perth? We’re all ears.
Want to know where the sweet surf spots are down in Margret River? We’ll give you some directions.
You get the idea. In all honesty, we know you all you really want to talk about is mobile phones and in particular repairing yours. Why else would you have contacted us?

Friendly: We’re approachable. There are no silly questions around us. If you believe that you can charge your phone by rubbing it on your head and by doing so broke your phone? No sweat, we’ll repair it as fast as we can and with as little giggling as possible. Who knows? Maybe one day you will be able to charge your phone like that and in fact, you are just a pioneer.

Fast: We know how important phones are, how vital they have become and in some ways (and opinions) are like air to some people. Being without a phone is painful. We don’t muck around and will repair your phone as fast as possible. If parts are a little harder to get and repair may take a bit longer then ask us about our Boomerang phones. They will be just what you need, like a shot of caffeine in the morning to get you up and back in the game.

So what are you waiting for? Contact the best mobile phone team around!

Get a quick quote or call on 1300 658 373 and let us save you money

At Repair My Mobile Phone Perth. we aim to save you time and money. We will quote on all makes and models subject to availability of parts, but we want to assure you, we have lots of options to fix your favourite device. Be sure to ask plenty of questions about your mobile repair. We may be cheaper than you think.

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