iPhone Repairs

iPhone Repairs

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iPhone Repairs

Repair My Mobile Phone Perth - iPhone


As you increase in generation, much like an ageing wine it’s going to get better.
But break the glass and it’s expensive.

Lucky for you Perth Mobile Phone Repairs is here to refill your glass for a fraction of the price.

iPhone Repairs – iPhone 3G
Model A1241
This was Apple’s second generation cell. The reconstruction is much easier than Apple’s first baby. Check the back before you submit as the 3G is a twin. We can replace the glass, battery, home button and speakers.

iPhone Repairs – iPhone 3GS
Model A1303
It has faster processing speeds than it’s twin. Repair of the front screen is considered easy but the battery is hard to get to. We can replace the home buttons but honestly consider an upgrade for what it’s worth. Just saying!

iPhone Repairs – iPhone 4
Model A1332
Apple’s fourth generation iPhone is still popular in Perth. The front glass and LCD must be replaced as one, No, it’s not an up-sell. The back panel comes fairly easy as well so the battery ok to fix.If you replace the back and the front it as good new! Don’t be disillusioned though, it’s still a 4.

iPhone Repairs – iPhone 4 CDMA
Model A1349
Hello, Cellular Network. Hello, glass. Drop this baby and it’s going to cost, but with Perth Mobile Phone Repairs we will give you a fair price. Not the easiest phone but we can do it! The battery is worth replacing and the back glass panel can also be repaired without emptying the pocket.

iPhone Repairs – iPhone 4S
Model A1387
Apple’s fifth generation – go figure. To reconstruct is harder so patience is required. This beauty has an 8-pixel camera and introduces an A5 dual core chip. Mmmm- sounds good. Battery replacement is moderate and worth doing. The home button and camera are also repairable.

iPhone Repairs – iPhone 5
Model A1344
Screen and battery repair are definitely possible on this sleek new machine. Be aware that repair requires the replacement of front screen, home button and camera assembly all as one unit. This can take some time so patience may be needed.

iPhone Repairs – iPhone 5C
Model A1532, A1456
Apples’ colourful creation, available in green, yellow, blue and even pink gives the customer a sense of individuality. Lucky for all you people in Perth we have a specially designed pair of sunglasses we wear to work on these bright phones. Repairs on these colourful chameleons, we can definitely do. Doesn’t mean we want to – but can.

Repair My iPhone 5S
Model: A1533, A1453, A1457, A1528, A1530, A1518
The iPhone 5S, the sleek, tasteful, refined sibling of the 5C. It’s silver or gold style gives a sense of luxury and when we repair these babies, we take care. A damaged screen can be replaced similar to the 4S, the difference being the display assembly doesn’t come with a home button. Similar to the previous models, the battery is worth repairing.

Repair My iPhone 6
Model: A1549, A1586
The damaged screen is replaceable but the finger touch can be difficult. Lucky our Techxperts are highly trained in the art of mobile reconstruction. Home button, battery and speakers can be resurrected.
Big job – big phone!

Repair My iPhone 6s
Model: A1522, A1524
Really? Did you drop this expensive and impressive piece of machinery? No Apple cover or phone case? Alrighty then. Hit that submit button and we will see what we can do. Buy one of our cases, it’s for your own protection, PLEASE!

Get a quick quote or call on 1300 658 373 and let us save you money

At Repair My Mobile Phone Perth. we aim to save you time and money. We will quote on all makes and models subject to availability of parts, but we want to assure you, we have lots of options to fix your favourite device. Be sure to ask plenty of questions about your mobile repair. We may be cheaper than you think.

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