Repair My Mobile Phone Perth

Repair My Mobile Phone Perth

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There is nothing worse when you favorite mobile or laptop goes on the blink. If it does, why not let Repair My Mobile Phone Perth take care of it for you?

It sucks when your pride and joy has a broken screen. It’s worse when you’re not sure if it’s the mother in law calling or an overseas call center? Perth’s Premier Mobile Phone Repair service will ice your iPhone, sweeten the Samsung and now even liberate your laptop. So…

How to get your mobile phone/laptop repaired in Perth, Western Australia in 5 easy steps. 

  • Hit Submit. Simply fill out the form to the right of this page and send it to us. We’ll get back to you super quick.

  • Back it up baby. Don’t leave your mobile phone/laptop unprotected. Make sure is backed up to you sim card. Save your data! We don’t want to see it anyway.

  • Drop it in, send it or we can pick it up. You read that correctly! We can arrange to pick up and drop off your device if you’re in the metro area. Just call us to arrange to make sure we have staff to assist.

  • Let us fix it. If it’s lower than an Iphone or Sammy 3, we can’t help, sorry. You may want to upgrade! We aren’t as prejudice for your computer or laptop though! Check out our service page.

  • Easy Peasy Payment. We can accept payment in all the regular ways. Just let us know your preferred option when you hit submit.

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If you have got this far, it’s time to take action. Fill out the ridiculously easy form and hit submit. Perth’s easiest way to have your mobile phone repaired is waiting.

Reasons to hit Submit!


  • No bull; call to action.We guarantee to call you back within the hour of you hitting that submit button. We don’t dilly dally around, we aim to please. After all, reconstruction is our game.

  •  Our guys are techxperts We don’t take your laptops or mobile phones lightly, we have a militia of mobile crew armed and ready to reform your device to its former glory. We’ll even pretty it up.

  • Warranty – say what? You heard right people, we offer a 3 month warranty on hardware repairs. We’ll say this; we don’t offer warranties on water damage. If its dunked- shouda let it sunk.

  • We are local.Post us your phone, hand us your handheld, shoot us the Samsung – or we can pick it up (Perth metro area). Check out our delivery page for details and services in Western Australia

  • Oh no! Did you end up at our admin HQ office? We dont do repairs at HQ. Dont panic, turn around and look out for the red cat 17. Its 5 minutes to our device experts repair shop.

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2/1255 Hay Street West Perth

Repair My Mobile Phone Perth

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